Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest Post: Din Tai Fung, an International Favorite

Our Brazilian friends took a trip to a local favorite and offered to write a guest post! Without further ado:


I discovered Din Tai Fung almost by accident. I went to Burlington Coat Factory to buy a real coat (because, being a Brazillian, I never needed one in my life before). It was a Sunday. I have to confess, Sunday for me is the day to be lazy (more than the usual). So I usually finish my Sunday breakfast by noon. By the time I got out of Burlington it was 4PM, which on Sundays means lunch time, and me and my husband were starving. So I got my phone, started Google maps and entered “restaurant”. Very nearby there was this Din Tai Fung featuring 26 on ZAGAT (which later I discovered meant nearly perfection, which they surely deserve). So we decided to give it a try. The front desk of the restaurant was crowded (4PM of Sunday?!), but needing only a table for two, we were in in less than 5 minutes.